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K Porter
2018-10-23, 09:49
Thanks for that Jim...for once I was beginning to panic I did not fancy retyping 20,000 words
J Hyslop
2018-02-08, 10:43
Jim, It`s a 100 % success I can now email invoices from Sage, I`ve just tried sending a couple. This is an amazing result, especially when I consider that technology and me are not the greatest bedfellows, I just wasn`t overly confident, but this has been seamless. Brilliant Jim, well done !
C Allan
2017-12-11, 10:54
You are worth your weight in gold!
D. Carter
2017-11-02, 15:54
Back on a working phone again thanks to Jim's generosity and well known technical expertise.
Thanks Jim.
J Hyslop
2017-10-10, 16:06
Thank you for all your help and advice, I couldn't have managed without it !
D Lefevre
2017-09-22, 16:48
I intended to email you to thank you for the session on Power Point and other things. I can't TELL You how I appreciate your service. It really does reduce the stress in life. Computers are powerful "creatures"!! Please don't ever retire!!
P Byrne
2017-08-04, 00:00
Jim, you can't die before us!
I don't know what we'd do without you
L Millington
2017-07-14, 00:00
All's still well. Thanks so much Jim for coming backwards and forward so many times and for your endless patience
D Montier
2017-04-09, 00:00
Works a treat !
I should have guessed I suppose but how on earth did you know that ? :-)
Thanks Jim
S Mitchell
2016-05-23, 00:00
You’re a star, it all seems to be back to normal.

Thanks so much
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