This service will investigate and diagnose failures using a selection of tools and experience - assuming that the problem is not Virus, Spy-ware or Hacker related. (For these please see the Virus & Spyware removal Service ). In most cases the fix is simple and quick but in some cases you need to take the following points into account:-

Is it a hardware failure or a software failure?

With serious hardware failures one needs to question whether it's worth fixing or replacing. With the price of new computers continually dropping one must carefully weigh up the pros and cons of repairing an existing system. Disruption is the most important factor to take into consideration. How valuable is the data; how much data could be lost; how soon do you need to be back up and running; how long will it take to resolve the problem?

Similarly, with software failures one needs to question whether it's worth spending the time repairing the existing operating system; reinstalling it or replacing it with the most recent release. Older operating systems require more time to diagnose and fix. Newer operating systems demand more from the hardware. Factors such as the labour and the cost of new operating systems need to be taken into account.

CompuGuide will analyse your situation and recommend the best course of action for you.