We all know that the pace of technology marches relentlessly on. A PC that is 5 years old is regarded as a vintage model, despite costing three times as much as a similar model today.

But it is not always necessary to replace your entire machine. A lot can be gained with a little judicious spending.

For example, slow machines can often be given a new lease of life by increasing the amount of installed memory (RAM).

Replacing the video graphics card could suddenly enable your machine to run games that would have been too slow to play before.

Replacing your hard drive with a Solid State Drive is a cheap and effective way of bringing a whole new capability to your machine.

We all use USB devices but earlier machines had slow USB ports. Installing one of the new USB cards will allow you to transfer files from your IPOD or other music player many times faster.

Adding a simple microphone or web camera to your machine would allow you to use Skype to make free calls to any other Skype enabled computer in the world.

Don't write your old machine off until you talk to CompuGuide - there might be a more cost effective solution!